Built Adore Whoa!

Built Adore Whoa!

Would Maggie Green wear this little, skimpy nothing in public? It would be adore the golden-haired lovely heart going about city wearing a string bathing dress. It’s a stiffening thought.

The difference betwixt the Maggie of 2009 and now is love day and night. This babe even talks about sex in a much steamier way.

“I’m athletic for tit-fucking. I like to do it. It is one of these things that at 1st, I was like, ‘What the hell?’ but seeing how the charmer truly receives into it, and I adore the noise it makes. It makes a sexy noise.”

“Blow jobs are better on my knees ‘coz if I bow over for too lengthy, it hurts my back. The boy can be sitting down or standing up. Sometimes it’s hot if this fellow can stand over me and fuck my face. I adore face-fucking. I have not ever had a dude urge to stick it down there like that, but a little gagging is worthy. I’m into that.”

Do birds of a feather flock together? Does Maggie have any big-busted allies?

“My utmost ally and I are about the same size. We like to compare and have boobie wars where we pull our bra-busters out and taste ’em on every other. I am not making this up!”

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