Making Her Marks

Making Her Marks

Boat? Where’s a boat? We just see Milly Marks. So here’s voluptuous, young Milly, this time in Miami and doing justice to vintage-style underware. Adore Paige Turner and Codi Vore, Milly’s a cutie who’s insanely sexy just standing there and smiling.

SCORELAND: So Milly, you said u have the sex drive of a teenage chap. How often do u fuck on an archetypal week?

Milly: I bonk all of the time if there is someone around that I wanna have sex with, but if not, I’m constantly getting myself off which is still phat with me. If I’m around someone I wanna shag, then I’ll screw ’em at least three times a day. It is hard for tons of normal people to keep with my kind of batty sex drive.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate when u look at porn? What’s your prefered kind of porn?

Milly: Almost always. I masturbate after I look at porn ‘coz I love to absorb what I just watched and then let my imagination run wild with it. I really savour watching girl-on-girl scenes or group action scenes.

SCORELAND: What makes you super-hot?

Milly: I get extra randy when a lad watches me play with myself. I love to tanalise the studs I am with.

SCORELAND: Well played, Milly.

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