The Gift

The Gift

Marilyn Mayson doesn’t have a gift for her couch ally. She is brought over a new tightie nightie as a surprise but SHE’S the gift. And you know our favourite slogan about gifts at XLGirls. When u merit the very BREAST!

Marilyn surprises him, and in her hawt voice, tells him that this babe has smth for him. Marilyn wears her glasses for the 1st ten minutes. She’s one of those cuties who looks sexy in eyeglasses.

Marilyn switches with out her constricted sweater and changes. This chap doesn’t give her much time at all to play and give him a teasing fashion reveal. The sight of her in a skimpy maid’s suit designed to look like lingerie turns him into a madman and this chab goes south on Marilyn, lip locking her cookie-puss. That babe reaches for his maid’s fun-stick and cleans his clock with her tongue, for starters.

Miss Mayson says this babe is controlling with cuties and resigned with studs. If you saw her 3some with Molly Howard in The Black-Up Plan, u know this. Here that babe is tractable and eager-to-please and squeeze.

Back home in Oklahoma, web-cam model Marilyn is a self-described homebody. She will go to some of her favourite bars or just hang out with allies. Or, as that babe giggles in an interview, this babe masturbates a lot.

What makes Marilyn Mayson so popular? Let’s count some of the ways. 38H cups. A 50 inch bust. A hot, shapely body. A glamorous face. A squishy, erotic voice. Cuteness. Sweetness. Girl-next-door-ness. Niceness. Approachability. Off-the-scale cock-sucking and fucking powers.

There is more but The Gift awaits unwrapping.

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