A Body Made For Sex

A Body Made For Sex

The story of how Mia Callista (the now-legendary “Busty Hotty Who Works At The Hamburger Joint”) was found is the one and the other heartwarming and junk-hardening. For months, SCORE staffers ate once a week at this bastion of ass cheeks and beef, fantasizing but not ever indeed knowing what Mia’s body really looked like beneath her god-awful uniform.

As Mia told SCORE editor Dave in an interview, “There’s a pet store across from the restaurant, and I went to get my dog some food. I have a little Maltipoo, and on my way out, I saw you in your car, and u rolled your window down and looked at me and said, ‘Do I know you?’ And I told, ‘I’m your cashier from the burger restaurant,’ and u basically told, ‘Oh. Okay. Have a great day.’

“I was wearing a very taut top that was backless and very thin and form-fitting and a high-waisted petticoat that was likewise very form-fitting and came down almost like a schoolgirl skirt and dark pumps.”

“Then u fellows came into the restaurant a couple of days later, and you said me to come to your table coz you had smth to ask me, and I could not come that day ‘cuz I was very busy and my manager would’ve yelled at me if I had left the specie register.”

“So you came in again, and Gil was very slick. This gent said, ‘We crave to ask u something, but we understand that u can not actually leave your register, so I’m going to give u this web site, and you should go to it on your own time.’ So that fellow wrote down Scoreland.com and handed to me, and I went to the washroom to check it out, and as pretty soon as I saw what it was, I thought, ‘This would be so kewl.’ I was completely shocked, but when I saw SCORELAND, I thought maybe you worked for the lap dancing club Score, and then I saw the site, and that was much better than a strip club. So I ran to your table and said, ‘Yes, I wanna do it! Please!'”

Some other gal might have thrown raw burgers in our faces or had the manager toss us bodily into the parking lot. But not Mia.

Destiny, fate, happenstance, planetary alignment. Whatever the reason, a recent hot gal with bigger in size than typical tits is always incredibly appreciated at SCORELAND and Mia is so sexy u could grill a burger on her wazoo.

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