Michelle May: A Gal With A Rack

Michelle May: A Angel With A Rack

Michelle May acquires amorous thinking about bucks in uniform.

“I like cops and military males and uniforms,” Michelle said. “And these uniforms usually come with something that can be used to tie u up with. I suppose it is ‘coz I am such a control freak in my life that I love to just be submissive during sex. I like losing control.

“Military males and chaps in uniform usually adore to take charge of the situation. They are so on-task and they take control and I adore that. I adore to be with a gent who can just call the shots and be the one who says what is intend to happen. Giving up my control to somebody like that is very hot.

“I one time dated a fire captain. This chab was quite maturer than me, and that Lothario said me that he was on a call and that this chab saw a box of Fortunate Charms and that they reminded him of me ‘cuz I’ve a four-leaf clover tattoo. So this chab told it was stiff to concentrate on fighting a fire ‘coz this buck kept thinking about me. And ever since then, I have this dream about having sex in a burning building with a fireman. It’s my prefered fantasy.”

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