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Congratulations to Miss Katie Thornton, last year’s SCORE Apprentice of the Year contest winner and now voted Porn star of the year. Katie was up against some astonishing candidates with superstar Hitomi the #1 challenger.

SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote in the June 2017 awards and 25th Anniversary issue, “As the ballots kept coming in and we neared the deadline for browsers and members to submit their ballots, three-time Sex star of the year Hitomi was holding onto a narrow margin over Katie.

“The margin was not getting any smaller. But little by little, Hitomi’s margin did receive smaller until, lastly, that babe and Katie were tied with just one slight stack of about 100 ballots to be counted. A stack that favored stacked Katie.”

Katie goes nonchalant in this glamour photoshoot. No matter what she’s wearing or not wearing, one view her and it’s erection city.

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