Naty: Majestic Sugar Mountains

Naty: Majestic Sugar Mountains

From the top of her beautiful head to the tips of her toes, Naty is incredible. She’s from Colombia, a country that’s almost completely populated by sexy, shapely women with big, juicy tits and ass-tounding asses.

Our team is not able to get to this land of erotic and nubile knock-outs at this time and Naty is not able to get to SCORELAND headquarters so the next best thing is to go to Plan B and set up a local shoot.

Naty is a sexy talker in both languages, and showing off her stacked, curvy body comes naturally to her. She has large areolae and enjoys sucking on her nipples. The sucking and tongue-lashing give Naty the tingling pleasure that makes her horny for more of everything.

Naty sucks on her big, cock-dong to show you her oral talents and rubs it between her luscious breasts. She’s ready to fill-up her shaved pussy now and sticks it in deep, eager to make you boob drunk while you watch her tits shake and bounce. In the photo shoot, Naty goes into the shower to press her breasts against the glass and changes her outfit from a red one-piece to a bikini under a sheer black top and a sheer pink top.

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