Fresh Discovery

New Discovery

Mariya Mills is our 1st New Discovery of the month. A ally of one of our photographers told him about Mariya and this chab knew this babe was an XL Gal at first sight. He told her about XL Girls, something recent to her.

“I did not know there were websites and magazines about cuties with my sort of body,” Mariya said. “I thought photographers were interested only in slender angels with silicone boobs.” This chab showed her the website on his phone and that woman chaser told her eyes widened. “She said to me, ‘I think I can do some of that,'” our shooter relayed to us.

“I am single,” Mariya said. “I go on dates sometimes but not often. I’d love to receive married. The guy has to be consummate for me so I await for the right skirt chaser. I haven’t endevoured online dating yet. I am thinking about that.”

“I liked making this episode and the pictures very much. The photographer was very helpful. At 1st I felt demure and didn’t think I could carry on. This guy was supportive. I watched some movie scenes of your girls and I learned from ’em. I suppose I’ve it.”

Mariya does have it. Lots of it.

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