Nikki’s Zeppelins Must Be Screwed

Nikki's Whoppers Must Be Fucked

Nikki Smith is one of the top 20 rated glamour models at XL Cuties. (Her Mamma Barbi Banks posed for 40 something magazine and its website!) “When I first saw Nikki, I thought she was a chick,” D.F. writes. “She is a 10!”

The male models at TSG are sometimes encouraged to massage the ladies at XLGirls. The applaud of doing this is reward sufficient for these gentlemen. It’s a little something extra we kick in to make the girls’ visit a relaxing, pleasurable one. All we ask is to photograph the act.

Nikki Smith is the recipient of this hands-on treatment in this scene and this babe gets an skillful rubdown that elicits a litany of sighs, groans, giggles and other girl-pleasure sounds. No erogenous zone is left unmassaged. Funbags, teats, back, neck, gazoo cheeks and muff all get delicate loving care. He does miss her feet but this ain’t Leg Sex.

The massaging of the models often leads to unbridled sex. They just can not control themselves! All that rubbin’ receives to Them. This is the case with Nikki and her designated masseur. It makes her salivate for smth stiff and lengthy to place in her mouth and suck on. This babe could have asked for a lollipop but Nikki prefers to smoke her masseur’s beef jerky. Whatsoever Nikki wants, Nikki can have! We just knew that sex would pop up at some point. These massages always wind up ending with fuckin’. So be it. That babe smokes it so well that after they have their smush on the massage table, that chap squirts his nut-batter right on Nikki’s waiting tongue.

Nikki explained how a girl should give a nice orall-service. “Definitely take it deep. Gag yourself if u have to. It’s magnificant; they like it. Not likewise much hand, but a little bit. More so on the balls than the cock. And relish it.”

Sound advice.

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