Coz One Gent Is Not Sufficient

Because One Man Is Not Enough

Has Nikky Wilder ever been rogered by two fellows at the same time at work?

Nikky’s mentioned in her boob-bio that this babe is had a trio with a girl and a boyfriend in a sexy tub but she hasn’t told if that babe had a three-way with two lads at work. So XLGirls made it happen.

Nikky is in the boss’s office with her co-worker Tony cuz Nikky sent Tony a hot photo of her big whoppers and a message that that babe wanted to copulate him on the boss’s desk. Cocky gal! This is what happens those days, disrupting the business world coz of these goddamned smartphones in the hands of randy people.

The solely problem is that Nikky inadvertently sent the sext to the boss’s number instead of Tony’s phone. The boss sees it during the time that he’s on a break and summons ’em the one and the other to his office. Bother!

But Nikky and Tony are not in a predicament because the boss desires to see ’em fuck in his office and this chab wants to join in and receive his knob inside Nikky. This is not what is meant by being “hard at work.” Nikky doesn’t wanna get fired and she would have fucked Tony in any case if her plan worked. A second fuck-partner might be wonderful for Nikky and nice for manager-subordinate relations.

The boss watches Tony warm up Nikky and then they both double-tag Nikky, one jock for her sexy mouth, the other for her constricted in-box. They need to have saved up their nuts cuz they spray bigger in size than average loads on her sexy face.

Nikky’s afternoon at the office is anything but routine! Well, her last name is Wilder.

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