Nikky’s Underware Flaunt

Nikky's Underware Show

“When a Lothario or female pays attention me or gives me a second or third look when I am walking down the street, it makes me smile,” Nikky Wilder said when we asked her what she considered to be the preeminent part of being a glamourous female. “It feels excellent. Especially when I’m attracted to ’em, likewise.”

Nikky Wilder must have a smile plastered on her face all day cuz this babe looks fantastic every time we see her. She’s a blonde California angel with a set of 40F zeppelins and pillow-soft curves. This babe is a wonder of a female no matter what she is wearing. And since we had Nikky all to ourselves, we thought this was a prime opportunity for a lingerie show. Nikky has the ideal body to fill out the skimpy getups we’ve for her.

“I adore looking priceless and feeling sexy,” Nikky said. “I think every girl does. Feeling hawt is the reason I started shooting with you boys. I always leave on a high after a shoot.”

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