No. 14: Lorna Morgan

No. 14: Lorna Morgan

There have been some very valuable years in the history of big-boobed newcomers. There have been some great years in the history of big-boobed newcomers. And then there have been the sensational years, the ones that make us wonder, “Did it truly happen that way or was it just a dream?” 1999 was one of those years. It was the year in which the tide turned in Big-Boob glamour modeling from the skinny ‘n’ stacked feature dancers who ruled the 1990s to the naturally stacked hotties who would virtually dominate SCORE from then on.

1999 brought us Kerry Marie, Jessica Turner, Sylvia Panda, Diane Poppos, Annette Christianson, Via Paxton and, of course, Lorna Morgan. It’s indicative of how great a year it was that Lorna did not win Rookie of the Year (Via did), but it is also true that in 1999, the Big-Boobed Princess of Wales, as some have called her, wasn’t at her peak. That would come a hardly any years later, when Lorna joined Kerry, Chaz and Chloe Vevrier for On Location Key Largo, and again when this babe hooked up with us in Eleuthera, the Bahamas for Big-Boob Paradise. By that time, Lorna was a superstar and a legend.

It’s true that Lorna helped usher in the British big breasted invasion that, it seems, still has no end in sight. But it is too true that with Lorna, it was always about more than her mambos (beautifully shaped, pale-white slopes with wide, ever-darkening areolae and teats which always look like they’re gonna shove you in the face). With Lorna, it was always about her girl-next-door look and sunny attitude. Always approachable, always affable, always projecting her personality to the camera, Lorna has received more marriage proposals than any SCORE Goddess ever.

Lorna has always been special to SCORE, and so we’ve invited her to join us on some of our most-important on-location discharges to Portugal, the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, plus the 2000 Boob Cruise. Lorna would be the 1st to tell you that when she started as a models’ agent in the 1990s, this babe at not time assumed her life to go the way it has. But it did, and she’s loved every minute of it. And when that babe became preggy and her wobblers got even bigger in size (and her areolae darkened), our affair-of-the-heart with Lorna continued.

“It’s good to think that I can still do it ‘cuz there have been moments when I thought, ‘Maybe they don’t want to see me right now,'” Lorna told. “The fact that I can still do it… that is astounding to me.”

We’ll by no means receive exhausted of seeing Lorna.

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