Big Buckin’ Mambos

Big Buckin' Boobs

Olarita’s back from a hiatus that lasted for years. That babe suddenly appeared, identified one of the TSG photographers based in Europe and said this babe wanted to pose afresh. Some of you might remember Olarita from 2007. Olarita 2.0 has packed some boobage and buttage since that time and looks more precious now than that babe did in 2007. “Now I like to wear tank tops and taut sweaters and watch how many males view my chest,” Olarita said to the photographer.

Another difference is that she’s hairless off the slit this babe one time had. “It was also itchy and I didn’t like how it felt below my briefs,” says Olarita.

The dark brown Czech too has no piercings or visible tats. A female you’d watch at the market or working at an usual job and detect out coz of her big meatballs, not at any time thinking she’s drilled strangers on-video. Nothing about her screams sex star.

Olarita now is concupiscent and nutty for porn-cock with strangers and that is what she gets when Novis crosses paths with her. It is an action-packed coupling with a Voluptuous goddess who likes that rock-n-roll on that pole. Only time will tell if Olarita sticks around longer or takes another sabbatical.

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