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Shut Up & Suck Them

Shut Up & Engulf Them

Shut Up & Engulf Them

Roxanne Diamond and her buddy Amorina are close friends of the Duchess of Dugs, the great Joana. Joana is a modeling mentor to the beauties and brought them to SCORE.

“Guys are always asking me questions about my knockers or making compliments,” Roxanne told. “Not each buck, but tons of ’em. I think if I go out for the night, at least 2 or 3 boys will talk about my boobs and ask questions. The main question is whether they are real or not. Yep, they are real.

“If a stranger has manners and is a gentleman, I will be cheerful to make conversation. Of course a small in number males that are not gentlemen–men in the street–make comments that are not wonderful. I don’t pay any attention to ’em.

“I really don’t have any carnal dreams, just being with a sensuous, passionate guy who is virile. Sometimes I like to be bound up when I make like with a chap. I haven’t had sex in public and I do not have a bit of arse but sometimes I feel like trying it.”

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Billi Bardot gets her man

Billi Bardot acquires her charmer

Billi Bardot gets her man

Wearing a taut dress, Billi Bardot is putting on a brandish for JMac who’s outdoors watching throughout a glass door. She primps and runs her hands over her curvacious body and biggest tits. JMac comes in to feel her up and engulf her nipples, take up with the tongue her pussy, slam-fuck her like a superman and feed her wang. She’s tiny, light and easy to pick up and blast in any position, including standing up.

“I’m very high-maintenance cuz I’m very demanding, but as far as the usual ram that cuties are high-maintenance about, I run around with no makeup on,” Billi said. “I’ll throw my hair up in a ponytail. I dont care, but emotionally, I am very high-maintenance ‘coz I wait a charmer to be ambitious. I await a petticoat chaser to have aspirations, and if this charmer doesn’t, he’s plan to get hell from me. I can’t stand laziness. I’m exceedingly assured in every area of my life, but I solely have one dream and that is to be dominated in the bedroom, and I have not at any time met a dude who could do that.

“I’m still learning what my favorite position is, surprisingly. If I am with somebody I love, variations of missionary are my much loved. If it’s casual sex, variations of them taking me from behind are my beloved.”

JMac has Billi overspread in the one and the other poses and more.

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Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster

Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster

Tessa Orlov: XLGirl Dust Buster

Tessa Orlov is the bustiest dust buster Michael has ever met. He’s dozing on a bed while Tessa is dusting the XLGirls studio. That babe could dust around him but his bulge is hypnotizing her. She reaches into his pants to feel what he’s got for her. Now, this is the preeminent way for a charmer to wake up. She forgets about the dusting. It is time to do some nut busting.

Tessa pulls her dress down, takes his bloated shaft in her hand and tenderly, slowly sucks on it love candy. That stud pumps her mouth, bonks her obese, large scones and turns her around so this chab can copulate her delightsome juvenile vagina.

“I worked as a webcam model and a skirt chaser I know advised me to contact u,” said Tessa. “I thought it was a joke at 1st, but as you can see, I am here. My mammaries started to develop when I was very juvenile. I’ve always gotten lots of attention and that pleases me. But now chaps are not very brave. No one comes to meet and greet just like that on the streets.”

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Boobs & Bush Buffet

Milk cans & Bush Buffet

Boobs & Bush Buffet

How does Mischel Lee handle a hungry smooth operator? 2 hungry men?

Mischel has served Steve and his bro Max a worthwhile meal. The stacked brunette with that ever-popular bush and pierced cookie clears the table and returns with some creamy pastries for the boys. Steve can not take his gaze off the body of this super-babe and craves some of this walking, talking eye candy for dessert instead.

Steve caresses Mischel and removes all of her gracious garments, leaving her in belts and heels. This chab puts some of her pastry ball batter on her right tit and licks it off, telling Max to do the same on her other breast. They place Mischel on the table ‘coz she is intend to be the main course. Plopping a pastry on each boob, Max and Steve feast on Mischel’s creamy goodness and lick her bosoms clean. Lip-smackin’ wonderful!

It is time for Mischel to eat, too, so they aid Mischel off the table and she kneels and sucks on every man’s sausage. Mischel is more than enough femdom-goddess for two dudes. They tongue-fuck and cock-fuck Miss Lee on the table, off the table and on the floor in a buffet of bosoms, fucking, blowing and bushwhacking in an all-you-can-eat brunch-munch.

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Nikki Smith Milks Skirt chaser

Nikki Smith Milks Charmer

Nikki Smith Milks Man

Please give Nikki Smith a hand ‘cuz she’s about to give you one. Two hands, in fact, and a pair of 38H cups to slip between. Nikki proved to be a very handy angel to have around.

You’re in the palm of her hand. That is a very valuable place to be. The thick body on this gal is total titillation. Her pantoons are pretty with tawny, well-defined areolae that stand out from her paler breast flesh.

“I am sexually assertive,” Nikki said. “However, I love most of all to be controlled than have control. I’m a voyeur at heart. I am highly sexually attracted to handsome sweethearts, have enjoyment having my gazoo licked and like it when a buck controls me in the bedroom. Nikki was a cheerleader in college and that babe still has all the right moves.

“I had to wear a constricted uniform and one or 2 sports bras to tame them.” Groped, squeezed and banged by rock hard pork-pipe, then glazed with guy-goo, Nikki is verification that the bust thing in life is the body of an XL Girl. Nikki’s flexible limbs and jiggling bazookas are too shown in a movie on the SCORELAND Blog (

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Built For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Built For Bikinis

Savannah Stevens has a body that’s built for bikinis, so doing the right thing was elementary. A sunny day and a swim dress cutie getting bare…what could be better?

“I adore to be undressed,” said Savannah. “I abhor wearing clothes. I am nude at home constantly.”

Savannah’s much loved thing is to be rogered doggy position during the time that this babe eats out the cookie of a very hot-looking cutie.

“I’ve always wanted to try a adore button piercing but I’m likewise scared! My dream is to be drilled doggie-style whilst eating out a hot cutie. It may not be a talent to some but I can take over 2 feet of 10-Pounder. You’d by no means expect it since I’m so slight!” Wait, what!? Who’s got a 24-inch weenie?

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The Real Way To Pole Dance

The Real Way To Pole Dance

The Real Way To Pole Dance

JMac has just been served a drink by the stacked and hawt cocktail waitress Vanya Babe at the XL Girls Strip club. Now Vanya asks if that babe can sit on his lap. “No” is what any sexy pleasing heart will at no time hear from JMac.

Vanya finds her cheerful seat and sticks her bigger than run of the mill pantoons in his face. She takes them out of her costume and JMac starts to squeeze and suck them. This pleases Vanya. She smiles and giggles as he feasts on her soaked jugs. She enjoys his loud boob-popping, touching with tongue and suction sounds. This chab bites ’em lightly, pulling gently on her nips. Her nipples harden to their mutual fun. They the one and the other take up with the tongue the same teat.

Vanya is not wearing any knickers. JMac feels her smoothly shaved bawdy cleft. Vanya loves the touch of his fingers on her lips. She kneels in advance of him and takes his prick with out his pants. Lazily touching with tongue and engulfing his shaft and nut-bag with a wet face hole, Vanya makes like to his hard-on.

Vanya stands up so this chab can slide her suit down. This smooth operator bows her over the arm rest of the bed and puts his wang inside her vagina doggy position. She assists his penetrative move by lifting an arse cheek. One time inside the Vixen’s moist snatch-hole, JMac switches to thrusting speed, reaching Warp Factor 1. Her sugar walls clutch his ram-bone adore a velvet vise. It is merely the initiate as JMac gives Vanya one of the hottest screws of her life.

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Oil! Oil! Oil!

Baby oil! Oil! Baby oil!

Oil! Greasy oil! Oil!

All parties need to end, and to wrap up this spectacular eight-girl party in the tropics, Sha, Codi, Demmy, Alexya, Kitty, Daria, Helen and Erin hit the beach in their bikinis, racing through the sand and surf. Their large bra-busters bounce and shake as they run and jump in the bustiest beach party of ’em all.

Peeling off their bikinis, the girls run to the pool and dive in for more group play. They oil each other and get touchy-feely, making their voluptuous bodies shine in the tropical sun. Their North Coast pool party is interrupted by Dave, calling with an announcement for the last time from The SCORE Group offices in Miami.

“Girls, that was great, and I indeed enjoyed your little oiling expose! Yes, I was watching. And I am glad to announce that we’ve a winner…or winners. Yep, I told winners. You cuties are all so great, you’re all winners! “

The beauties jump back into the pool, celebrating as a group, a united nations of breasty superstars. They’ll in a short time be leaving this paradise for their home countries but their friendships will proceed.

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Sofia Deluxe: Hot, Saucy & Lovely Senorita

Sofia Deluxe: Hawt, Saucy & Sweet Senorita

Sofia Deluxe: Hot, Saucy & Fascinating Senorita

“My fantasy is to visit Greece,” told Sofia Deluxe. “I crave to go to Santorini. I like to read about it and view any travel shows or videos about Greece. I wanna eat Greek food, swallow ouzo, dance, break plates, swim and lie in the sun.”

Posing for XL Gals and doing her cam unveils may assist Sofia realize her dream holiday.

Sofia appears to be to be a popular 1st name in Colombia. In a short time, we filmed Sofia Deluxe, Sofia Damon and Sofia Santana!

“I love traveling and spending time outside. A worthwhile lunch in a place with a lot of greenery. This abode where XL Beauties photographed me is like a fantasy. It’s very relaxing and that makes me feel sexier and more assertive.

“It’s too been a wonderful learning experience for me. I observed how Carlo the photographer worked and it was enjoyable. I am alone at home on the cam so it was different to be bare and playing with myself with real people in front of me. It concupiscent me.”

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Anastasia L’Amour: Take All Of Me

Anastasia L’Amour: Take All Of Me

Anastasia L'Amour: Take All Of Me

It is Anastasia L’Amour‘s 1st time on-camera with a porn lady-killer. This babe speaks to our photographer Jose about her background and gives him a demonstration of her dancer moves. Connor Kennedy joins the show and wraps his hands around her monumental boobs, the mammoth melons this stud is ever had in his palms.

Anastasia and Connor play breasty games, which leads to her giving him unfathomable face hole. She sucks him with great talent and skill. Connor licks Anastasia’s vagina then gives her the rock hard wood. Underneath him, on top of him and in front of him, Anastasia’s 1st scene is a winner at SCORELAND.

“My carnal fantasies: I think having the opportunity to do a boy-girl-girl scene with another model who resembles me would be double bother,” Anastasia said. “My favorite position is cowgirl, which Connor and I did in this scene. I like receiving and giving oral. I adore titty-fucking. We did all of it.”

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