Pasties Goddess

Pasties Girl

SCORELAND: So Paola, did your scoops attract the attention of male teachers?

Paola Rios: Of course! The ethics professor said that he’d love to use his hands as a brassiere for me. Mostly they just doubted whether they were real or if I had just rammed my undergarment. My classmates used to tease me that my bosoms looked like soccer balls.

SCORELAND: What makes your nipps unyielding?

Paola Rios: Engulfing ’em, of course.

SCORELAND: What kinky things do you love to do?

Paola Rios: I’m likewise innocent for perverted things.

SCORELAND: What did you wanna do in life that u didn’t do?

Paola Rios: I wanted to be a vedette [showgirl in a nightclub]. Being a adult model proud some of that want.

SCORELAND: Do u view any porn?

Paola Rios: I like to view Lesbian videos sometimes.

SCORELAND: What sexually satisfies you the almost any breathtaking?

Paola Rios: Blowjob.

SCORELAND: Do u adore sex in the morning, afternoon or evening superlatively worthwhile?

Paola Rios: In the morning.

SCORELAND: Have u ever gone out with a skirt chaser who did not care about bigger in size than typical pointer sisters?

Paola Rios: No. They are all bewitched by my bigger in size than run of the mill boobs. That is why they are attracted to me.

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