There is Gold In Them Thar Hills

There's Gold In 'em Thar Hills

Patricia Gold as a maid? A French maid? Yowza! That works for us. French maids are always a hawt fantasy. Real maid uniforms look like medical scrubs!
If Patricia was sent over to clean your apartment, she’d by no means get any work done. She’d be likewise busy pulling your face into her colossal bosom and feeding u her areolas.

And it would not end there. Patricia would be riding your stiffie in each position until u both erupted. Who cares if the place not at any time got cleaned?

“I not at any time lived my dreams until I became a glamour model,” says Patricia. “I’m solely sorry I didn’t do this much earlier.” Do not think of all the things you did not do, Patricia. Think of all the things u will be doing in the future!

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