Rack Star

Rack Star

When Helen and Erin Star walk into a room, a restaurant or a strip club, they own it. Helen’s Amazonian proportions make her the Wonder Lady of Romania. Maybe that babe has the suit in her closet? Thank you to Mia Playgirl for her assistance.

SCORELAND: Do you ever go to topless or exposed beaches?

Helen: I always go topless when I’m at the beach. I do not love to have tan lines on my breasts. I have at not time been to a naked beach yet.

SCORELAND: What do you love to do for joy? Away from any cameras.

Helen: I love to courting my friends. We adore going to the cinema or we try recent restaurants in town.

SCORELAND: How do people react when they see you and Erin together in public? Are hotty’s jealous?

Helen: Women do receive jealous when they see us but that’s life. Majority dudes turn their heads around even if they are holding their girlfriend’s hand. That’s always joy to watch!

SCORELAND: Some beauties will hit their boyfriends for that. Furthermore Mia Honey, are u friends with other models?

Helen: I haven’t had the enjoyment to meet any other adult models but I am sure they are all great cuties.

SCORELAND: What do u wanna say to the dudes at SCORELAND?

Helen: I desire to thank all of my fans for always enjoying my work. I have the paramount fans.

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