A Jackumentary

A Jackumentary

This particular clip celebrates the greatness that is Renee Ross with behind-the-scenes footage, candid moments, scenes from her movie scenes, tit-talk, and tons of huge-boobed action, the kind that ever smilin’ Renee is favorite for.

Among the topics Renee shows, and talks about, are juggs, bras, what receives her hawt and horny, other gals and their vaginas, being on the receiving end of oral job and one of her favorite sports, sexy tit-fucking.

For those who’ve at no time watched Renee before, Renee Ross A Jackumentary is a precious introduction to this astonishing centerfold and covergirl. For Renee fans, a great overview, and a dedication to a sensational glamour model, one of V-mag and XLGirls’ almost any popular babes.

As Renee one time told about modeling, “It’s truly something that I thought that I would by no means do. I don’t think that I had the self-confidence to put myself out there love that in advance of. When I hear people saying that I am glamorous or that my pix are wondrous, it just makes me feel actually valuable.”

And when Renee Ross feels valuable, everyone feels admirable!

Part 2 is coming soon!

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