Bedtime Playtime

Bedtime Playtime

Renee Ross has made a little hideaway below the ottoman sheet and you’re invited. She’s not plan to bring a flashlight and read comic books in her makeshift tent. Take a look inside and pitch your own tent. Renee likes that.

A smooth operator couldn’t have a more precious sex buddy than Renee Ross. This babe has a very healthy appetite for bedroom action. You have observed this in her vids such as K-JUGS.

XLGirls: Have you ever observed yourself have sex on camera?
Renee: Yep, but not for lengthy. I can see it alone, but I can not check out it if there’re also many people around. I am kind of demure like that.

XLGirls: Have you ever gotten off whilst watching yourself have sex on-camera?
Renee: I do not think so. I’ve observed it during the time that having sex.

XLGirls: So you have watched yourself having sex while having sex? How did that happen?
Renee: I was with a boy, and I asked him if this ladies man wanted to watch a little porn. This buck said yep, so I popped it in. And the smooth operator was surprised coz that dude wasn’t awaiting me.

XLGirls: So that chap didn’t await to watch you having sex on-camera, or that man didn’t know you had done it previous to?
Renee: This chab knew I had done it, but he was not expecting me to turn on the DVD.

XLGirls: That have to be kind of atypical for a man.
Renee: I do not think this guy cared. I suppose this skirt chaser could receive a bit intimidated because you are the one that’s on TV and think about you being a pornstar. I’ll tell ’em not to think about it and just screw me.

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