Renee’s K-JUGS Tutorial

Renee's K-JUGS Tutorial

“Hello pretty femdom-goddess. Who are you? I am the late night penis,” the K-JUGS DJ asks Renee Ross, the recent kid at radio station K-JUGS. “I’m Renee,” our hot delight answers. “I was a DJ back home and I wanna make it here. They call u The Late Night Buck, right? I have viewed your billboards.” They shake. “What are you doing after this?” this chab asks. “Nothing. Going back to my place.” “Why don’t you come with me to the studio? I can brandish u how I work it at K-JUGS.” Renee cant refuse. “Oh…wow! That sounds great. I’m a bit frazzled. How ravishing of you.” “Stick to me, Renee. I love making new crew…feel love they’ve cum in the right place.” The Late Night Woman chaser needs a late night domina. Renee is just what he needs. “Here, Renee. Sit in the chair. Relax. Loosen your body. This is where I make my DJ magic.” That lady-killer turns a dick and music plays. This Lothario massages her neck. That babe sighs and ahhs, losing her anxiety. “And this is where you’ll make your magic, Renee. Reach out and touch all of those listeners you’ll develop pretty soon. Speaking of developing, Renee, you’re very, very well developed yourself….” “Thank you,” Renee replies. “I developed real early. They’re 40H cups now but sometimes I wonder if they’re still growing.” That babe runs her hands lightly over her tits. “Do u love them?” Renee is a sucker for a smooth talker. “Lick Them? I mean, adore ’em? I love Them,” that ladies man replies. “Would you love to touch them?” suggests Renee. This babe lowers her top to display her humongous love muffins and sits on his lap. She takes his hands some other time and puts ’em over her wobblers. That chap plays with her milk shakes, pulling on the nipps and massaging her fullsome funbags all over. “Don’t you must go on the air?” that babe asks. “Not for another hour. We run a syndicated feed until 8:30.” “Then copulate me worthwhile, Late Night Man.” This chab starts mouthing on her mangos whilst she’s on his lap. Renee takes off her hawt clothing while The Late Night Dude admires her body, feeling her all over. She gives him head as that guy stands, then she stands up. He goes behind her and starts screwing her doggystyle whilst she’s bent over the control desk. “Just think of all that hawt power at your fingertips when you are talking to all those boyz at home,” this Lothario says. “That idea turns you on, doesn’t it?” Renee‘s passion increases. “Oh, it does. It makes me luscious to think of it….” This smooth operator takes Renee by the hand over to the bed. She lies on her back. This lady-killer licks her fur pie and clit, then straddles her so this chab can bonk her milk sacks. This babe licks and sucks his cock-tip when this petticoat chaser extends it to her throat. This smooth operator sits on the couch with Renee in doggie next to him so that babe can mouth his rigid meat. Renee lays back on the bed so this chab can shag her. While they screw, that babe brings her whoppers up to her face hole so she can lick and engulf her teats. They switch to a grinding cowgirl, then doggie, then a reverse cowgirl. This ladies man have to pile-drive her. That babe is a strongly-built domme and she can take it unfathomable in piledriver. Renee receives on her knees to deep-throat him and tit-fuck him. “Wow, u really are the Late Night Dude,” gushes Renee as that lady-killer gushes spunk. “I’m truly plan to adore working with u!” The Late Night Guy scores anew. “I think this is the begin of some impressive talk radio jointly,” says the DJ. “Let’s take a short station break….”

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