Rhymes With Belle

Rhymes With Belle

Rockell has a long, pink tongue and it can reach all the way to her areolas. Do not make no doubt of it? Detect out photos 43-45.

There’s a episode interview with Rockell upcoming. U will learn all of her secrets. Well, some of ’em. Maybe a hardly any choice tit-bits. Whatsoever that babe urges to tell us.

This photo-shoot is loaded with many sexy shots including some fingering. U may wish to make a scarcely any wallet-sized copies so you can expose your friends what goes on at SCORELAND.

Rockell lives in Alabama where there are not plenty of adult stores. Since that babe indeed enjoys seeing herself in magazines, she often checks out their shelves when she’s in an issue of SCORE or Voluptuous. Once she contacted us when a store didn’t carry the Voluptuous issue this babe was in. Now that is dedication and motivation!

The girl’s a knock-out. If there is any more like Rockell in Alabama, we’d sure like to know about ’em. But there’s only one Rockell! And that is a fact!

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