Female Of Wonder

Woman Of Wonder

Some compare her to Kristina Milan and others say she’s pumped up adore Miosotis. During the time that comparisons to those super-naturals is flattering to her, Roxi Red is Roxi Red and this babe is one of a kind!

Roxi always has that “who me?” look in her eyes. As if that babe doesn’t get what all the commotion is about. “It would be very effortless for a woman with a body like Roxi’s to be arrogant or uppity,” Boobhound noted. “The fact that she’s humble and ‘doesn’t watch what all the fuss is about’ makes her even more gracious.”

What’s the 1st thing almost any boys say when they watch Roxi for the 1st time (and clothed, not stripped like she’s on SCORELAND)? “Damn!” Roxi told. “After Damn!, some of ’em might say ‘Can I tittie-fuck u?’ and the 3rd thing they might say is ‘Wow!'” (Usually strangers who approach any female and ask to tittie-fuck her don’t receive far.)

Finding bras is a major task for Roxi. She spends an typical of $60 to buy an adequate 38K tit-sling. And they wear out quickly beneath the strain and the stress.

Roxi is definitely one of the high-reaching discoveries in V-mag history.

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