Samantha Kay does the nasty with porn regular Joey Ray in this now-classic XL Beauties scene shot in 2004. Measuring 46DD where it counts, Samantha was a chef who, together with her husband, found the world of porn, swinging, episode and the internet. Willing to do gang bangs, stupendous toys and other no-holes-barred bizarre acts, Samantha was similar in many ways to an early non-professional home movie and internet plumper legend, Princess, “Queen of the mid-west married couples.” Kat Chick could too be included in this unconnected group of homegrown swinging porn stars.

“I do kind of dress concupiscent,” Samantha said. That babe was direct and to the point. “I have a collection of plaid schoolgirl-like skirts I wear with low-cut blouses and nylons. I too like wearing micro-mini dresses, and I do not wear panties, so I must be additional careful bending over. If you are dressing adore a slut, u desire people to view you adore you’re a bitch! If you do not desire people to admire your body, then you have to costume conservatively. If you’re a conservative person, it’s your fault for not dressing right.”

Samantha called herself a “monster-dildo bitch.”

I can really clamp down on a finger or a cock and hold it because I have better-maintained muscles than almost any people do coz I have muscle control from having to expand. I’m very constricted. Sometimes, somebody will make a comment about how I must have a loose love tunnel, and I’ll be adore, ‘Come here; I’ll reveal u,’ and I’ll squeeze down on their finger and they’ll be like, ‘Wow!’ I have one sex-toy that is Twenty two inches lengthy and about 3 inches across. That is bigger in size than average! I have some other one that’s five inches across. I can cum with the stretching and the toys. Stretching is a very precious and unparalleled sensation. I don’t squirt, though. I gush, but I don’t squirt. I wish I did! I do anal but usual anal. I can’t do large anal. Seven inches is more than enough for me.”

When almost any lads read that a cutie can’t live without to copulate her cunt with biggest toys, they think that the men they fuck acquire to need to have extra-large jocks to satisfy ’em. Samantha disputed this.

“My husband is commonplace, about seven and a half to eight inches, and this chab makes me cum a lot, so size has no thing to do with it at all.”

Samantha basically had no restrictions to her sex adventures.

“I’ve done between 50 and 60 boyz. We’re not sure exactly how many there were but I did the whole Mandingo Club, a group of Latin dudes, in Fresh York. It was in a motel, and I did them all. We took some pics and clip for my web site, but I didn’t receive paid for it or anything. It was not anything able.”

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