Meet Serenity Sinn

Meet Serenity Sinn

Meet Serenity Sinn, a new new arrival to Serenity is from Indiana and is a tall one at 5’11”. She says the most-fun job she’s ever had was as a singing waitress but we think that babe may enjoy adult modeling even more.

How did Serenity view about XLGirls? “I frequent the web page,” Serenity says, “and let us face it. Who doesn’t adore bouncy bosoms?” Nifty! A domina member joining the party.

In her free time, Serenity can’t live without going to music festivals and horror and sci-fi conventions. That babe writes and plays music and sings. That’s a clue to the kind of dates she loves to go on.

“Anything pleasure! Everything involving sci-fi, horror or music. Anything funny will win me over in a heartbeat.” Serenity mentions in the starting of this clip that she’s enjoyed cosplay (wearing a movie or comic book character suit to an expo). So the way to her heart could be spending the weekend at a fan convention.

After Serenity chats with us, that babe tries on some hawt underware, then gets bare and receives overheated on the bed!

Welcome, Serenity Sinn, and make yourself at home.

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