Serenity’s Big Underneath garment Expose 2

Serenity's Greater than standard Underneath garment Show 2

Tennessee doll Serenity Sinn is back to display her lush body. Serenity has a excitement for music, cosplay and food. Serenity plays 12 instruments, writes songs and sings. This babe has a very melodic voice. You’ll be hearing her sing in the matching movie as she celebrates XLGirls’ 13 years of finding the foremost bodacious vixens. (The web site opened in January of 2001 and January 2014 marks its 13th “birthday.”) Serenity should sing on “The Voice” TV show, we say. A part-time glamour model, Serenity works at a bakery. That babe sure knows how to bake a man’s rock hard roll and frost her cakes.

“My favorite job I have ever had was as a singing waitress,” she told. “I sang a lot of Sugarland and Dolly Parton. I had to dress up like Dolly Parton a lot. I had to wear a blonde wig and the rhinestone boobylicious suit.” Dolly’s big breasted and nifty but Serenity as herself here is much more nice-looking.

A member named BJ has called Serenity a “rock star.” Serenity rocks the house, that’s for sure and that babe can likewise whip up some yummy cakes!

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