Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, Not Stirred

If the world had more bartenders with bra buddies the size of Leanne Crow‘s, there would be more alcoholics but they would be cheerful alcoholics.

Leanne is about to make a Margarita in the kitchen. Let’s follow her cocktail mixing step by step.

Leanne fills a glass with ice. Now for the booze. Leanne pours by eye not by shot glass. That’s quite a dose of tequila. Now that babe cuts a lime and squeezes the juice into the glass. This babe is about to pour that into the blender. It doesn’t work.

“I’m intend to must mix this myself, baby,” says Leanne. She pours the contents into a shaker set, closes the top and sticks it between her bra-busters. Then that babe shakes it up. This is more precious than a blender. Her nipples receive to be rock hard from the cold. Your drink is served.

Now it is time for Leanne to shed her tube top and dress and rinse her bigger than average boobs off underneath a faucet, then shake, jiggle and bounce ’em.

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