The Hot Wife Of A SCORE Reader

The Hawt Wife Of A SCORE Reader

We’re very cheerful that Shelby Gibson is back at SCORE. It was a surprise to look at that this SCORE reader’s stacked wife Shelby wanted to go much, much hotter, and a very welcomed surprise it was. Shelby’s Scoops, Tug and Tongue scene will be announced on the SCORELAND Blog.

What’s a sure-fire way to get on Shelby’s good side?

“Be valuable, be complimentary, make me chortle and have a good wazoo,” says slim-n-stacked Shelby who considers her almost all worthwhile features to be her “eyes, boobies, legs and big pink flaps.” She’s one of the hardly any who goes au naturel when almost any beauties are shaved or otherwise depilated those days, some other feature that’s slutty many SCORE lads.

“I adore wearing sexy, revealing alluring clothes that show my ample deep cleavage and display my legs and my CFM high heels,” says Shelby, who’s talked in previous scenes about what kind of swimsuits that babe can’t live out of to wear that drive onlookers nutty.

Shelby chats with Dave in video TWO of SCOREtv Season 2. Claudia Marie is another super-stacked guest. Check the Blog for more news about that reveal.

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