“The tits are out and you are wrestling. We do grasp every other’s wobblers and stuff love that. I likewise did something else. It’s not actually wrestling, but this hotty and I played in the mud jointly. We did carnal things to each other in the mud. It’s a fetish.”

That is Rockell talking about her mud wrestling. She’s not mud wrestling one more gal here but that babe does receive damp and dirty and oozing, first in a taut suit, then bare-boobed and bare-assed. From with out the camera frame, squirts of clear lube land on Rockell’s sensational bod and splosh her until she’s overspread in the ram. It’s similar to Japanese TV game shows that “slime” their hot gal guests.

SCORELAND: So, Rockell, what superpower would u like to have for one day? Anyway deflecting jets of slime.

Rockell: I’d love to fly! I think that would be the coolest. Kinda like how Superman has the ability to fly indeed quickly and save people, I’d also adore to be a superheroine and fly using my super powers for the bigger in size wonderful.

SCORELAND: What do u wanna do that you haven’t done?

Rockell: I wanna tour to Europe and visit different countries and watch the historic places and cities I’ve only watched on TV and in books.

SCORELAND: Then u could go to a undressed beach. There’re none in Alabama.

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