Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Housework at no time looks more glamorous than when a sexy plumper is doing the cleaning. Kendra Lee Ryan is wearing the tiniest outfit in her closet. Her tits are pouring with out her pink reservoir top and her denim jumper hugs her soft curves snugly. We’ve not ever wanted to do chores more than we do right now.

Usually, when Kendra is down on her knees, there’s a schlong in her mouth or in her vagina. There isn’t this time, but that babe still looks as fuckable as ever as that babe scrubs her living room floor with her wobblers about to pop out. Kendra squeezes her sponge and discharges some soap suds onto her thick hips. We’re not sure if this babe did this intentionally, but we do not care. We’re just hoping she squeezes some more onto her love bubbles and slit.

“I feel like I’m just not clean enough,” Kendra says. “I’m so smutty. I’m so soaked and indecent.”

And our knobs are already throbbing. We know just what bawdy girls love Kendra merit, and we’d be pleased to give it to her. Kendra slips her sexy garments off and plays with her wet crack. She was not kidding about being damp. We can hear how soaked she’s as this babe fingers her cookie.

“Oh, I’m so screwing succulent,” this babe says as she finger-fucks herself.

Kendra did not finish her chores, but she doesn’t avoid stroking her clit and fingering her twat until she cums. And that is all that matters to us.

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