Country Honey

Country Chick

Who’s a real country girl? Rockell is one. And then there’s Stephanie Stalls, a feisty Kentuckian with a couple of perky peaches in a low-cut country cutie blouse. This babe knows how to milk ’em and cover Them with whipped goo. Hawt ram is her midst name. Stephanie took a break from her appearances at Jills in Wheeling, West Virginia to lose her knickers at SCORE. It is not known if that babe detected ’em in time before that babe rode off into the sunset. Before this is over, Stephanie will be drenched in pastry cock juice, whipped sex cream and milk, her big breasts and the rest of her covered in dairy products. The set looked like the aftermath of an explosion at a milk bottling plant. All in a day for this rambunctious country playgirl and her killer jugs.

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