Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers

“When a sex-toy or a shlong rubs against my clitoris, it doesn’t take lengthy for me to cum stiff,” said wide-eyed Brit Goldie Blair.

Goldie is utmost known for her fetish practices. She can’t live out of dildo-machines. She does boxing, wrestling and domination scenes with hotty’s, plays the sexually excited “Auntie,” dresses up as super-heroines and villains, and gets tied-up and rolls around in slavery and discipline situations. This babe is a big-boobed kinkster.

Don’t let the sleek, buffed, polished exterior fool ya. Goldie is into off-beat, psycho-sexual games. (In some countries, they call that marriage.)

Who’d have guessed somebody who bears a resemblance to her is so perverted? She is English so that accounts for some of her interests. We should ask her if babes into servitude make nice wives or if it is all for unveil.

A TSG editor one time wrote that “At first glance, Goldie Blair resembles a soccer Mom. The other soccer mommys would be shocked if they knew what she does.” Goldie would probably discover that observation funny.

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