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We don’t know what Penny Porsche is doing those days. If Penny called us and wanted to make some more clip magic, we’d be willing, ready and pro to accommodate her. She is a hawt woman with a very busty body and a jaw-droppin’, mouthwaterin’ big clitoris. Watch Penny sex up the screen in this SCORE Classic.

“I have smaller lips and a greater clitoris than almost all girls I have noticed. It’s laughable ‘cuz in advance of I got into porn, I by no means realized how tiny some girls’ clits were and how large my clit was, and when I realized how greater than typical it was, I was pleasured of it.”

“I think it is very important to engulf a guy’s meat-thermometer the right way. Some bucks like to have their jocks stroked a certain way, and other boyz adore to have their balls licked, and some males like to have their asshole fingered. That makes them cum more during the time that you’re engulfing their meat-thermometer, but other boyz are afraid to have a finger up their butt.”

“I’m a squirter. I squirt when I cum. And if you’re fingering me and you get my G-spot with your fingers, that receives me going, or if u engulf my clitoris actually unyielding and fast and take up with the tongue it with your tongue, that receives me going, likewise. And when I am on top grinding down during the time that your meat-thermometer is penetrating me, that truly receives me going. And if u screw me in the missionary position with my legs all the way back by my head, that receives me going, also. I call it the lockdown.”

“Guys will talk to me, but they’re not actually talking to me, they’re talking to my titties. I bought this shirt that said, ‘Look at me when you are talking to my pantoons.’ And I thought that maybe I should wear that shirt more often. It could barely cover my zeppelins, and when you are out in public, u can’t wear a shirt love that. I wouldn’t wear a shirt love that in public. I like to costume hot but sophisticated and spruce. I do not adore to suit excited. Only in the bedroom for my charmer.”

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