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Stuff Beauties Do

It is good to be Codi Vore, hawt and glamorous blonde-at-large. A angel of many talents, among ’em mind blowing areola self-sucking, Codi is a slavemaster of the webcam and clip games. “I like singing, mathematics and public speaking,” told Codi. “I can likewise lick my elbow.”

SCORELAND: What was your first experience love on web digital camera with a bunch of boys watching?

Codi: The first time I got on-cam, I cammed with my room mate, Tegan Trex, and we did a girl-girl show together. It was live, and it was our 1st time kissing. We’re allies, so it was a little odd at first, but I’ve kissed her a lot now, so it is not weird anymore. It was nifty, and since then, I actually have pleasure dealing with fetishes and finding out about different fetishes and where they come from.

SCORELAND: What is it about kink and fetish?

Codi: That is the kind of thing I’m actually interested in, finding out what pushes people’s buttons and what turns ’em on and seeing if there is smth there for me. Certainly, it doesn’t hurt to have large meatballs when you crave to acquire someone’s attention, especially lads and especially for fetish work and camming.

SCORELAND: Do you remember the funniest, tried pick-up line a guy ever said to u?

Codi: On a scale of 1 to USA, how free are u?

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