Sylvia Bateman: Cute, Cuddly & Chesty

Sylvia Bateman: Cute, Cuddly & Chesty

XLGirls: How often do u have sex?

Sylvia: About three-to-five times a week.

XLGirls: What is your much loved position?

Sylvia: I don’t have one.

XLGirls: Beloved foreplay?

Sylvia: Teasing and nipp play.

XLGirls: What’s been your kinkiest carnal experience so far?

Sylvia: It was a softcore SADOMASOCHISM encounter.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex with a goddess?

Sylvia: Yes, a scarcely any times with just me and her. And then with a different cutie. I have done a three-some with me, her, and a man.

XLGirls: Have u ever had sex in public?

Sylvia: Yeah. It was in the woods in a park.

XLGirls: Do u love anal play and anal invasion?

Sylvia: I do.

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