Table-top Titillation

Table-top Titillation

Anika, a blue-eyed Swedish blonde living in Arizona, plays raquet-ball, works-out at the Fitness Centre, runs and loves to have a lot of sex to keep her old body in shape.

She’s not just a MILF “type.” In advance of she decided to try movies, websites and magazines, Anika was a real-life HORNY HOUSEWIFE. As happens, many women approach a certain age and a recent kind of sexual awareness develops and expands. Exhibitionistic sex becomes a bigger than standard part of their lives. Not all become adult models. Some become private swinging couples or sex experimenters. Others become divorcees on the prowl looking for wazoo calls.

“I’m usually the passive sort,” Anika admitted. “Until I acquire randy and then I get aggressive. Then I don’t waste time contemplating for a boy to make the first move.”

When we meet Anika, she is sat in the kitchen having a gulp. This babe is bored. It’s the middle of the afternoon. This babe is dressed to show her slim-n-stacked bod and curvy legs. That babe needs some enjoyment. J.S. arrives to put the f.u. in enjoyment and throws off his shirt, willing for action. Anika takes pride in her dick-sucking skills. Now she can apply these skills. Jarrod cant expect to stretch her cunt balls-deep.

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