Tapping The Honey bunny

Tapping The Hottie

Each gal has her own way of referring to her love muffins. Scoops. Love bubbles. The twins. The cuties. Some give ’em names. What does XL Goddess and all-around honey bunny Mya Blair call hers?

“Tits,’ said Mya. “It just seems like it fits. Other peoples’ boobs I call mellons. Mine, I call whoppers. I feel like they’re different.”

They likewise short circuit the male brain, rendering the onlooker into a zombie.

“One time, me and this skirt chaser I was with were having a indeed serious conversation, but I had to get changed, and in the midst of the conversation, when I took off my top, this chab just prevented and stared and told, ‘I don’t remember what I was talking about.’ I have noticed a not many times that I’ll be talking to a lad and his eyes will keep wandering down to my chest. I am used to it.”

Mya is a unfathomable mouth competent and blows Jimmy Dix’s ding-dong in very sexy, hands-free, gagging action. That babe rides his dick adore a champ and it is clear that Mya loves a unbending copulate. She is spectacular in each way.

What did Mya think about the scenes that she’s shot at XL Girls?

“I feel much more confident now. I was very nervous but it just felt natural one time the ball started rolling. I watched ’em with someone. I like to see the reactions of others. It’s strange to observe myself but it is interesting to watch what others watch. I am very critical of myself so I was mentally taking notes to improve on. This guy complained that I was teasing him, kinda the point.”

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