More To Fuck

More To Fuck

Tatiana Blair plays to win. 36G-cups on a 4’10” physique. That is a handful for any man. King-size, heavy handfuls. She’s got More To Fuck than the commonplace gal. Tatiana’s gonna give John a wild ride in this close encounter of the sexually excited kind.

Tatiana has stored cellphones in her unfathomable breast valley. This babe stores smth else between her billibongs this time.

“You need to be sexually open to do this kind of modeling,” said Tatiana who came to SCORE when a former hubby suggested that this babe would be great as a adult model. “I like experimenting, too. If I don’t, then I get bored.”

The first time we saw Tatiana, we couldn’t await to see her nude. This babe has one impressive rack and she is as cute as hell… a real cuddle-bunny.

So what does this power-pixie wait from a stud in bed?

“Their pecker size doesn’t truly matter so much as the way they use it. I have been with some gorgeous miniature boyz who just knew how to hit the right spot. They just get to know what they’re doing. I think that the guy’s technique is actually important when it comes to having sex.”

Check out her billibongs as a gift. Boy gifts.

“It’s love giving kids fresh toys. They just desire to play with them, and they’re adore, ‘Oh my God, this is so enjoyment!’ It’s adore they’re amazed and they can’t get sufficient.”

And that is the truth from Tatiana.

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