Tatiana’s Titillating Training

Tatiana's Titillating Training

This was the 1st movie scene for Tatiana Blair, a young high school co-ed whose ex-spouse, a SCORE reader, told her this babe should apply to be a model at The SCORE Group. Merely 4’10” but boasting 36J-cup whopping fun bags, Tatiana began the unveil with a fitness lesson in a mirrored room. Jumping jacks hurt her ‘coz her juggs are so heavy, so her coach has Tatiana switch to push-ups. The coach receives beneath her pendulous, dangling hangers as an excuse to aid her do push-ups more wondrous. Of course.

One nipple leads to some other and previous to long, the dug mouthing starts. Her teats are pointy and prominent and her areolae are about 3 inches in diameter. The tit-sucking leads to tit-fucking which leads to cock-sucking and pussy-licking and then to a thrusting fuck, proving that exercise is a very beneficial pursuit and explains why boys become adept fitness trainers.

Said Tatiana about finding outfits to wear, “I think my height makes my fun bags look even bigger. If I were taller then maybe it would not be as big of a deal. It makes shopping for attractive garments interesting also. I must buy large tops to fit my bazookas. And finding pants that are short sufficient for me is actually rock hard. I just detest the feeling of wearing a undergarment, so I don’t. I am not plan to make myself uncomfortable. But ‘coz I don’t wear bras I do get tons of attention for my hooters. So tons of the time I’ll wear a sweater to try to cover up a little bit.”

It should be no surprise that all of Tatiana Blair’s boyfriends are tit-maniacs, and if they weren’t in the beginning, they quickly became one.

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