The Bigger than standard Milk sacks & Bush Sauna

The Big Mammaries & Bush Sauna

That towel comes off Vanessa Y. very quickly. The Polish princess acquires right down to it in this installment of the Vanessa reveal. That babe loves to loosen up in the sauna and there happened to be room for the SCORE camera. Talk about a lucky break. What’s a sauna without a cool-off? Vanessa showers her nice-looking body right after that babe reaches her boiling point.

It is the second win for Vanessa in the Voluptuous Sex star of the year contest (announced in May 2017 Vmag). If Vanessa was shocked last year, she was double-shocked when this babe detected out that readers and members voted her their favorite again. “I could not make almost certainly of it when they told me,” Vanessa said. “I would like to thank everyone.”

Vanessa is the SCORELAND leader in the number of comments she receives on her pages and they’re not just one-liners.

Indianboy comments, “Vanessa, u are an unbelievable female. By the way, congratulations for winning Voluptuous Pornstar of the year. You merit it.”

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