The Girl Next Door Works In A Store

The Goddess Next Door Works In A Store

Carrie Ashton was working in retail when an ex-spouse and SCORE fan suggested this babe glamour model. Now almost all girlfriends would either chuckle and dismiss the idea or punch their boyfriends in the arm or someplace else. Carrie, however, liked the idea and took some at-home naked photos and sent ’em in.

Looks can be deceiving. Although buxom and voluptuous, Carrie wrestled in school.

“I went to State Championships and anything,” Carrie told. “I wrestled tons of boyz, not gals. It’s not archetypal, but I did it. They said me that I couldn’t do it. And when you tell me that, I just become determined to do it. So, I beat out a boy in my weight class in varsity and they let me on the team. I pinned him and made the team. There was one other cutie on the team, also. we did not wrestle every other. This babe was all skin and bones, so we were in different weight classes.

“Most of the time they wouldn’t crave to wrestle me ‘coz I was so fine. They were afraid of me. I wore the Spandex onesie that all wrestlers wear. I’d wear a truly constricted sports beneath garment and then my coach would wrap an Ace bandage around me and then duct tape around that, so I was charming rammed in there. My bosoms weren’t going anywhere with all that on there.”

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