The Girls of Voluptuous 1994-1999

The Gals of Voluptuous 1994-1999

The 1st issue of Voluptuous mag was cover-dated Spring 1994. Lengthy in advance of the electronic wonders of the World Wide Web (remember that term?), magazines were king, followed by VHS tapes. There were many freelance photographers, especially in England, supplying photo sets of big-boobed gals in addition to the London studio staff run by John Graham. That’s why British models ruled during the 1990s. Please note that not each V-mag glamour model from that decade is pictured in this gallery.

“There were a hardly any driving forces behind the genesis of the mag,” recalled editor-in-chief and publisher John Fox.

“By 1994, there was a growing pushback against the novelty of the super-busty augmentations, especially coming from the England but it was a sentiment that was growing worldwide amongst many breast aficionados.

“In addition, we were discovering and shooting tons of fresh glamour models montly who qualified. In other words, we had an abundance of content. And, as a young, aggressive company, we were looking to expand our portfolio. Doing so within the big-bust niche appeared to be logical.

“Two years earlier, we’d had some rough patches when we debuted SCORE, but by 1994, when Voluptuous initially appeared, we had an orderly workflow in place, we had gained confidence in our ability to succeed and ‘cuz of SCORE‘s success, we had the support of our distributors to expand.

“The editor and the art director did the heavy lifting as far as designing and assembling the issue. Previous to and throughout the whole process, the three of us did a lot of brainstorming. We decided to go with the ‘All Stacked, All Natural, All Plump’ sub-title, and that ended up causing lots of debates as far as the model selection process was concerned and what kinds of beauties would be in the magazine.

“The next numerous issues featured Lisa Miller, some other German model named Michaela, Rhonda Baxter, Danni Ashe and then, near the end of 1995, Chloe Vevrier on the covers, so these were the types of great natural glamour models that defined the mag.”

All of the pics in this gallery are labelled with the girl’s name and, in majority of ’em, the magazine they appeared in.

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