The Glory of Terri Jane

The Brilliance of Terri Jane

Terri Jane spent plenty of time with us. That babe posed in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, places where that babe could run around bare outside. That’s a little difficult in England, especially in January.

Terri has fellows following her around adore lap dogs. That includes us.

“I don’t like it when people are rude to me and they come up to me and say things love, ‘Can I watch your love muffins?’ cuz I am, like, ‘No, I do not know u!’ But if a fellow is ravishing and this guy compliments me on something adore my eyes, then I will fall for it.

“A lot of boyz tell me that I’m so astonishing, that they love my curves. Coz I always wear things that brandish off my curves. I not ever wear anything baggy. I will talk to men if they are nice. I’m very elementary going. I will talk to anyone, actually. As lengthy as they are not rude to me. It depends on what they say to me at that pont of time.”

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