The Ideal Bride

The Perfect Bride

“My ideal day is maybe going on the beach and getting a tan, and swim and splash in the water with my allies. It’s precious.”

Valory Irene is the ideal bride. She brought this bridal dream to life, and doing it outdoors on a day bed made it sexier. The weather was perfect. Even though the location was outdoors by the beach, it was intimate.

I’m a sexy gal,” said Valory. That babe meant her body temperature. “I’m always hawt. My skin is always hot, not cold, but if I am near a worthwhile lad and I adore him, certainly, it cheers me up and makes me warm up even more. I do not think of myself as peculiar. I think all sweethearts are specific, and any stud can make a female feel special.”

If all chicks are specific as Valory told, that makes her extra-special.

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