The Secret Collision

The Secret Meeting

Here is a set of Alix Lakehurst that is difficult to categorize. It is moody, mysterious and atypical, almost adore a film noir. The lighting is very different from her earlier, evenly-lit sets. The red telephone play, the sleazy motel room and the cigarette smokin’ adds to the overall salaciousness of rencounter this brunette hair sweetheart alone. What Chicago’s most good is bringing to the collision is the ram of indecent fantasies and indecent fantasies. If u are aching to ram it to her by the last photo, welcome to the exotic dancing club. “Once I had sex with a boy and in a 24 60 minutes period, he came 15 times,” Alix told. That doesn’t surprise us. Alix bears a resemblance to this babe can pull everything out of any lad anytime she craves. “I usually at not time have to expect for anything. I’m very straightforward and let my lad know exactly what I desire. I indeed have fun getting banged.”

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