The Squashy, Creamy Flesh of Tessa Orlov

The Cushioned, Creamy Flesh of Tessa Orlov

Tessa Orlov used to sell ice sex cream but a friend of hers thought that babe was made for bigger in size and more astounding things. Not to knock the noble professions in the ice cream industry but we’re pleased that Tessa took the suggestion of her friend seriously and did not snicker it off. She checked out XL Cuties and was crazy to join the party.

See the last of the photos in this series. Notice anything by its absence? Right. No tattoos on Tessa’s bulky body, unlike so many girls this day. Russian and Ukrainian beauties that adult model for TSG tend to not have much, if any, ink on their skin. (There was a poll that claimed that merely 6% of all Russian honey bunnys have any tats.)

“I adore hair and makeup,” said Tessa, who was very observant of how the stylist prepared her for the photo shoots and how the photographer took the pictures and episodes. Tessa’s not sure if this babe desires this to be a regular thing but for now this babe is relishing the process and the results.

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