Thick In The Sun

Thick In The Sun

Over the years Jana packed on the flesh and the curves. When that babe first started getting pounded and face-fucked, Jana had a natural SCORE figure. When we saw her anew, this babe was getting a bit also bigger in size than average even for Voluptuous.

Since that time, Jana developed sufficient bra-meat to rival some of the astronomical sweater-stretchers around and sufficient junk in her trunk to make the dedicated ass-men in her neighborhood pleased guys.

“Jana, bless her heart, let’s have our way with her astounding cuties,” reported TSG editor and blogger Dave. “God-given girls? Let’s investigate! ‘Please take off your brassiere. We wanna see smth,’ the studio manager told to Jana.

“Jana nodded, got in nature’s garb, and giggled and smiled as the studio manager proceeded to grope and find out her bouncy bosoms, searching for tell-tale signs of an augmentation…like we were scientists examining a pleasant discovery. Nothing. No scars, and we looked over each inch of her chest. Closely. Very closely. No bags in those milk shakes. We cosseted ’em and lifted ’em and squeezed them. Titanic, impossibly firm and sitting high and contented on her chest, Jana’s love bubbles are, we decided, 100% natural. No silicone added!”

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