Three’s Cum-pany

Three's Cum-pany

That babe told this babe would be Bach one day. Whoa! Amber Lynn Bach Bach is back in the abode of SCORE and that is supposed to mean greater than standard a predicament. Fine bother. Hard trouble. This time, it’s double trouble. “I watch two large weenies that look actually worthwhile right now,” Amber says with a flash of her eyebrows. “Take ’em on, ya think”” asks Amber, bringing her hands to her bra-supported milk cans that have immense cleavage bazookas that almost touch her chin. The hot Florida housewife-MILF and homegrown hardcore honey loves a challenge and this babe is definitely got her hands full in the photo-shoot and movie “Three’s Cum-pany.” This is a female who wants to be checked out, drooled over and fucked hard. That will by no means be a problem for the slim ‘n stacked former dancer and now homemaker. Amber‘s eyes let off laser beams of pure, unadulterated lust as she feels up the beef rolls that have been specially ordered. The hardest part among many stiff parts for Amber will be which way to turn her head as the one and the other guys vie for equal attention of her considerable skills. Ding-dong #1 bonks Amber‘s face during the time that schlong #2 moves aside her matching briefs to finger her clit-button, thick fur pie lips and soaked inner-pink, surrounded by a nicely-trimmed bush. Amber can not talk as hot as she’d love to, not whilst filling her face hole with schlongs on the one and the other sides of her. Obscene talk won’t be effortless as she’ll be fucking at one end, and penis mouthing at the other end. The room is filled with the downy sounds of Amber slurping and groaning as the act builds up to a frenzy of acrobatic screwing and engulfing in the wildest sexin’ Amber Lynn Bach Bach has ever done at SCORE–and that is saying a mouthful. Thanks, Amber!

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