Mambos That Cause Brain Freeze

Boobs That Cause Brain Freeze

Yep, you are looking at a girl whose greater than typical, natural bra buddies cause the syndrome known as brain freeze. In severe cases, the viewer cannot move his limbs for up to 15 minutes. Such is the effect Tiggle Bitties has on the male nervous system.

Tiggle was asked about her greater than run of the mill, natural bouncy bosoms. Why are they so much joy? Like we didn’t know.

“It’s the physics,” explained Tiggle. “That’s what’s great about my milk sacks. I do not know about all natural milk shakes, but u jiggle ’em, and they’re just a water balloon of amazing. And the weight. It’s just so great. I indeed sometimes identify myself motor-boating myself at home or just laying my head down in my mangos. They’re so bigger in size than run of the mill and downy.”

This might be a 1st, ladies and gentlemen. No one has ever told in the SCORE studio that that babe motorboats her own greater than standard scones.

“I at no time heard of SCORELAND until I broke into adult modeling through camming, and one of my fans [S.C.] told me about u dudes. I went to the web site and I loved that you are all about natural which is so thrilling because not much porn is all about bigger than standard, natural pantoons with stretch marks and veins and all that lovely stuff, so all that impressed me.”

And Tiggle impresses each diehard breast lady-killer, ‘cuz as they say, “It’s all about the juggs 1st.”

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