Constricted Jeans, Tight Tops

Tight Jeans, Constricted Tops

“I go to the Health Strip club and I eat a healthy diet. I eat a lot of corn,” said Lana Ivans. That babe claims eating corn induces breast growth in angels. This is some Romanian thing. Arianna Sinn also makes no doubt of in the corn-boob connection.

It took a tiny in number seconds for Lana to answer in 2 words what her hobbies are. “Have sex.” No stamp collecting. No watching Harry Potter videos. “My favorite position is riding. I likewise like sixty-nine. I like a boy to copulate my hooters whilst I am on top of him. I love to wake a dude up with a fine blowjob. They say I am…a 10.”

Romania is the great, undiscovered land of top-heavy sweet things. Our photographers 1st went there in 2003 and discovered Joana Bliss, Crisa and numerous others. Years later, the big wave hit with the Star sisters, Lara Jones, Alexya, Kitty Cute and more. Romania is likewise one of the colossal centers of the cam industry. Lana is on web digital camera likewise and maintains a web resource.

There’re still lots of Eastern European countries that are total mysteries when it comes to big breasted cuties who will pose starkers. Bulgaria. Bosnia. Albania. Croatia. Estonia. We wonder if these countries have girls adore Lana. They have to.

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