Touch The Skye

Touch The Skye

Nikki Skye may be the quiet sort in her SCORELAND vids but her smokin’ hot body does all the talking and comes through loud and clear.

“I like anal play and booty stab,” said Nikki. “When I give a oral stimulation, I swallow. I always swallow. I by no means, ever waste cum! I love giving blow jobs. I’ve nice-looking much mastered that. Practice makes flawless.”

Nikki’s done it all.

“I’ve had sex on the beach and in my backyard beneath my pergola in the midst of the day with strangers walking by on the other side of the fence. I have been in a three-some. It is been a whilst but I would definitely do it anew. I did a bang many years ago, all males and just me. I like to have sex at least four times a week.”

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